Clothing Sizes {small rant}

So the company I work for gives us jackets with the company logo on them every year as a holiday thank you. In the past, I have ordered true to size and it’s been WAY too small. So, this year I ordered a two sizes bigger. Imagine my shock when I put on the jacket and it didn’t fit! My only relief came from the fact that it fit my 6’4″, thin as a rail, coworker (I’m 5’5″ and well… not thin as a rail obvs). Seriously, something that should have been big on me should NEVER fit him.  Ever.

So, when you are told not to worry about what size the label says and to be more concerned with how the article of clothing actually fits your body, believe them. In fact, go and cut all the tags off your clothes right now. It will make you feel a tiny bit better not having to be defined by an untrue number!

I don’t understand why ALL clothing designers/manufacturers/companies don’t have to adhere to a set sizing guide. Anyone should be able to go into any store or online and purchase an item in their size and have it fit. Every time. (keeping in mind fabric type allowances. I understand lycra and, say,  linen will be different. The the size should be the same)


xx J