Well Hello There!

Disclaimer: This is not a blog about a cupcakery/bakery or reviews on cupcakes/bakery goods.  Go HERE if you want a list of delicious baked good sites.

If you’re still with me… HELLO!

This is going to be the hardest blog I have ever started, because it’s about me and the difficult and LONG journey towards weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been thinking about doing this, in companion to an Instagram page, for a long time now. I follow several people who have shared their journey and struggles for a long time now.  It wasn’t until my little sister had the bravery to put herself out there on IG and share her own journey that I decided to do the same.

Ambie, don’t cry, you’re an inspiration to many and so many people will see that. You are such a strong woman, you truly amaze me and so many around you. I promise to help support you on this journey.

This journey will be honest. It will be ugly. It will be difficult. It will be worth it.

Lets do this!

xx J


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